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Capstone: HellTech 2808

HellTech 2808 was a 4 month long final project for school. I worked with a team of 5 people to design a game from the ground up within that 4 month span. I would plan weekly meetings and check in on everybody to make sure their work is going well. Most of my tasks were focused around HUD and Menu design, but in the earlier stages I worked on blueprinting the enemies spawners.

Adventure: Team Amethyst

This was an extremely big group project, I completed with an amazing team, within a month using Unreal Engine. It started the month before when we were given core mechanics of a game called Adventure and was told to craft a level using Blockmesh. The month after we choose teams to work with and craft a seamless level, start to end, with all of our levels put together. It was an amazing experience and I met some amazing people!

Loops on loops

Loops on Loops is my first ever board game. I made it for my Systems Design class here at Full Sail University. This board game went through many changes before I reached this final product. I had to make it online because of this on-going pandemic. Because of that, anyone can currently play it! If you would like to play and leave feedback feel free to contact me!

Project Tournamental

Project Tournamental was a collaborative school project. We were first given a base game to play and add designs to. Each student was given the task of creating and documenting a new mechanic for the game. We documented all of our progress through a Trello board. After creating our mechanic, we then were tasked with replicating another students mechanic using only their documentation. Below is a link to download and two links for the video presentations. (Navigator Video is the documentation for my mechanic and Driver Video is explanation after implementing a teammates design)

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